January 5, 2014

Content is King

Whether a creative or business, the Kingpin of audience engagement is having great content

Why is Great Content Important?

As you may or may not know, Google’s ever-evolving ranking algorithms took another step forward in 2013. Finally it has the sophistication to identify and rank websites based on relevance and the quality of content. The days of keyword-driven copy are gone, not longer will Google look upon content written for specifically engines (rather than humans) to drive Search Engine Optimisation.

Google are, in effect, championing great content and the more of this you have the better ranked your site will become. Having relevant, engaging copy also means that people are more likely to spend time with your site, recommend it to others or share it on social media. Writing about and participating in what you love becomes a feedback loop of goodness. Everyone wins.

The Google Checklist

What content makes Google’s robots happy? Well, they’ve written a list of 23 key factors which is where it gets interesting. Looking through the Google’s guidelines for good content is fundamentally the same as any good marketing company or business strategist would recommend. Looking to find ways to trick a robot is no longer an option.

Original, relevant content is one of the most powerful marketing tools you have

Building a great brand and investing in your content is now essential. Original, relevant content is one of the most powerful marketing tools you have. For us here at BLACKLIGHT thats the best possible news as focusing on brand, quality and audience is the essence of what we do.

The Future of Content

We noticed a great increase in creating a Contend Management System for our clients. Maybe they want ability to update their content, add new products or create online articles for their periodical. Writing for web, especially with the rise of responsive deign, is different from traditional media – what looks great on a printed poster needs a different treatment when seen on a smartphone.

We help our clients set a strategy for web content and social media and love thinking up creative ways to produce engaging content across a broad range of industries. Our aim is to ensure that your brand and message is consistently engaging by aligning your great content to a strong brand awareness. Whether you have a website or are just starting out our message is simple – love what you do, share it with the world and it will love you back.

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