We fuse musical skills and resources with innovation and creativity to produce professional audio solutions

Music and sound are not only abstract art forms but a medium in which to communicate a message in a unique and universally understood way. If you want your podcast to be heard as authoritative it needs to sound top notch. The same is true for presentations with video introductions and or audio elements reinforcing brand identity.

At BLACKLIGHT studio we offer a range audio production covering a range of services which we outline below… 



These days gear emulations are more accessible, but for your mix to compete commercially you need a combination of the best analogue emulations along side modern sound design techniques to stand out from the crowd.



Podcasting is fast becoming an essential part of the media landscape. We can advise on equipment and recording techniques for your podcasts as well as provide post production audio treatments that sound as professional as possible.


Video idents

Leading a presentation, YouTube video or Wesbite with a brand video ident which needs be only a few seconds long but can have huge impact on brand identity and audience perception. Idents are a powerful way to encapsulate a brand or artist.

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