Content Development

BLACKLIGHT understand that creating a brand isn’t just a logo, its also about content. We work with you to supercharge what goes into your website to give you a clear presence online and in print.


Writing your copy for screen, rather than print audiences, is a specific skill with its own set of best practices to make it effective. This often proves surprisingly challenging for the inexperienced online writer, and we have the experience to edit or create copy for clients on request.

Seo Services

Search engine optimisation moves as quickly and dynamically as all other aspects of the online industry. Battling for and retaining relevance in search engines is of huge importance to most businesses, and we keep right up to date with the latest coding and content strategies.

Social Media

In the last few years social media marketing has shot to prominence as the most direct form of customer engagement, promoting a continued relationship and recommendations. We improve your social presence by offering complete professional social media account branding.

Email Newsletters

Running consecutive email marketing campaigns to your signed up customers is an integral part of most businesses digital marketing strategies. We create responsive, multi-device and high end branded html email newsletters that strengthen a business’ client base.


Rich content creation which includes social video integration, video and image galleries, podcasts integration and other highly engaging and sharable media keeps your gitial prescence fresh and exciting. These facilities can be built into a site and added to and edited freely.

Audience Engagement

Building an impressive and original website is essential to any business looking to stand out and lead their respective industry. We provide regular consolidated analytics reporting to help business owners understand and respond to different types of website usage data.

BLACKLIGHT were invaluable in helping me to write and transfer copy for the web – Toni Evans, Yogini Genie Founder

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