TowerXchange is an online periodical focusing on the the African telecommunication industry. BLACKLIGHT have created the brand, website, bi-monthly magazines, event media and more...

TowerXchange Online

The TowerXchange website is home to all the magazine content as well as the TowerXchange annual event news and information. The website is built on a responsive framework so that readers get the same quality experience on any device. Access to the website and various downloadable content is registration-only and BLACKLIGHT have worked with TowerXchange to create an online community and brand that has gaining industry recognition.

The TowerXchange Journal

Alongside the website, BLACKLIGHT design and manage an bi-monthly magazine in a house style that links directly to the website aesthetic. Now on its sixth edition the magazine grows from strength to strength whether in print or online. BLACKLIGHT produce custom infographics, tables and data to enhance what is already an international brand.

The TowerXchange Solution

BLACKLIGHT also provide event media branding, video production and custom monthly emails. We have given Towerxchange a total solution for their business ensuring that their branding is consistent and professional.

TowerXchange Branding

TowerXchange Branding

Industry Recognition

We understand the importance of branding for any new business. In a short space of time BLACKLIGHT have helped establish TowerXchange as a trusted, recognisable business which is rapidly becoming an indispensable source within the telecommunications industry.

BLACKLIGHT’s design clarity and professional approach have played a vital role in the success of TowerXchange – Kieron Osmotherly, TowerXchange Founder


2012 – ongoing

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About the Project

TowerXchange needed a brand and website creating from scratch. The website is a registration-only online periodical which we manage and developed in tandem with the bi-monthly magazine. BLACKLIGHT create custom graphics and content for print and online, produce events branding, monthly emails, video production and SEO services. We are the total solution for TowerXchange enabling their business to grow for the future.