Yogini Genie

The guiding principle behind Yogini Genie is how alternative therapies combine to help towards a healthier, happier life. BLACKLIGHT were charged with creating a brand and website to reflect this ethos.

A Flexible Brand

Yogini Genie takes a holistic approach by looking at how all the pieces of the puzzle work together to enrich physical and mental wellbeing. BLACKLIGHT responded to this by merging the design and function of the website to tell the story and ethos behind the brand.



Visual Identity

BLACKLIGHT created a set of custom icons to express the core principles behind Yogini Genie. They are always backed by the lotus flower, the Eastern symbol for wellbeing and presented in a clear, friendly manner.


The Homepage

The homepage is the hub of any website and BLACKLIGHT have used this space to create a visual puzzle to explain how all the therapies Yogini Genie offers work towards a healthier balanced lifestyle.


Responsive design

The website works across all devices. BLACKLIGHT viewed this as an essential part of the Yogini Genie story – the site changes to fit different devices just as therapies change to suit different people.


Yogini Genie Logo

Yogini Genie Logo

Branding and print

Yogini Genie offers teaching and training internationally and it was important to have a clear, accessible  website and a brand which retains a strong identity to Eastern philosophies but also be recognisable in itself.

We’ve also carried the brand over to printed media to create unique stationary with a look and feel that reflects the website and Yogini Genie ethos.

Business Cards


I’m over the moon with what BLACKLIGHT have done and they’ve really taken the time to understand what my business is about  – Toni Evans, Yogini Genie Founder

Yogini Genie

Spring 2013

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About the Project

BLACKLIGHT were approached to create a brand and website for a growing business in alternative therapies. The brief was to express what Yogini Genie stood for and make the website accessible for any device.

The site is also fully media-ready and has a custom Content Management System for updating text, images and a inbuilt custom blog.