January 3, 2014

What makes a Brand?

This simple question often creates a wide range of responses, here is the BLACKLIGHT take on it all

So then, what is a Brand?

The common answer is that a brand is a logo and some company colours. These are certainly elements of a brand but in practice there is a lot more going on – both seen and unseen. A good brand will set you apart from the crowd and encourage audience engagement. Sure, an eye-catching logo will get peoples attention but its what happens next that will help to explain what a brand is.

In short, a brand is ‘everything’ and good brands are built from clear visions

What a logo says about your business should be reflected in the copy, the way the site functions and how you engage with your customers to create a cohesive whole. In short, a brand is ‘everything’ and good brands are built from clear visions. A brand is, essentially, the totality of experience – its your personality, philosophy, business/creative practice and promise all interlinked.

BLACKLIGHT see branding a little like a drumbeat – upfront branding (e.g. logos) are the drum hits and the hidden assets (e.g. website function) are the silences in between – both are needed in order to be successful.

Should all businesses Rebrand?

This is a common question for us. Businesses are often hesitant about the idea of rebranding as they fear that a makeover might lose some of their audience. We understand this, but in reality there is so much more behind a rebrand which is beneficial in more ways than just looks.

In order for a brand to achieve its potential we need to identify what makes your business unique and define what engages an audience. Rebranding is a great way to update your principles, practices and aspirations – a process that every business should undertake in order to adapt, grow and achieve. Rebranding works to reconnects you with your audience, it doesn’t loose them.

Branding for Small Businesses and Creatives

It is always assumed that great branding is something that only large companies can afford or need but in reality every business, creative or enterprise needs a brand to create that positive first impression. Having a business or creative pursuit means that you have a brand. Its what you do next with it that really matters.

We think branding is as important for smaller enterprises as large corporations. Smaller businesses often have specific unique selling points (USP) which is branding dynamite. Like it or not, having a USP already gives you a ‘brand’ so why not embrace it and connect with your audience?

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